• Available in a 42mm
  • Rated Voltage 12-24VDC
  • Gear Ratios Ranging from 4:1 to 3600:1
  • Rated Torque (kg-cm) 30
  • Rated Torque (oz-in) 417
  • Custom Versions are Available
SHAYANG YE Industrial Co. has designed one of the leading micro high-precision DC right angle gear motors. These DC right gear motors were designed for OEM applications that offer a high value at a low cost. Along with the energy saving and noise reduction of the gear motor, has made it possible for Shayang to be one of the leader in innovation and design.
  • Designed for applications that are both space and cost restricted
  • Offers the industry's highest roque ratings
  • Sizes from 40mm to 120mm
  • Gear Ratios from 3 to 500
  • Available in 1, 2, and 3 Stages
  • Backlash as low as 12 arc-min
Our wide selection of Right Angle Planetary Gearboxes covers most applications. Whether you are looking for low cost, or high precision, we should have a quality product at a great price! Please verify all dimensions when matching a gearbox to a specific motor, as critical dimensions will vary among series and manufacturers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What applications require a jaw coupling?
Common applications that employ jaw couplings include power transmission to industrial equipment, such as with pumps, gearboxes, blowers, compressors, conveyors, and mixers.

Are spur and planetary gearboxes bi-directional?
Yes, both spur and planetary gearboxes are designed to be used for bi-directional operation. The gear arrangement and the direction the input shaft rotates of the gearbox will determine the rotation of the output shaft.

What materials are in a gearbox?
The materials in a gearbox are normally steel, iron, aluminum, and brass. Unlike many other gearboxes, spur gearboxes will be made of plastics such as polycarbonate or nylon.

What is the difference between a helical gearbox and a straight gear tooth gearbox?
The difference between a helical gearbox and a straight gear tooth gearbox is that the helical gearbox will be used in high speed applications, and the straight gear tooth gearbox will be used in low speed applications. The helical Gearbox will be quieter than other types and have very high efficiency, whereas the straight gear teeth gearboxes will be more noisy and have a lower efficiency.

What are the disadvantages of a Gearbox?
Some disadvantages of including a Gearbox in your application are: Gearboxes are more costly that other drive systems Gearboxes require proper lubrication for smooth running Poorly cut teeth may result in excessive vibration and noise during operation Quality matters and adds to cost

What types of Gearboxes can be used in right angle applications?
Both Bevel and Worm gearboxes are suitable choices for a right angle application.

What types of motors are compatible with Gearboxes?
All types of motors are compatible with Gearboxes. For example: Stepper, Brushless, Brush, and AC motors are all compatible.

Is it possible to back-drive gearboxes?
Some gearboxes, such as spur gearboxes, can be backdriven. Whereas, some cannot, such as the worm gearbox.

How many planet gears are in a gearbox?
The amount of planetary gears in a gearbox changes based on specific application requirements. Most planetary gearboxes have two or more planetary gears.

How do gearboxes work?
All gearboxes work in a comparable fashion. The directions the gears rotate are dependent on the input direction and arrangement of the gears. For example, if the initial gear is rotating in a clockwise direction, the gear it engages will rotate counterclockwise. This continues down the line for multiple gears. The combination of different size gears and the number of teeth on each gear plays an important role in the output torque and speed of the shaft. High gear ratios allow for more output torque and lower speeds, while lower gear ratios allow for higher output speed and less output torque.

What materials are gearboxes typically made of?
Most gearboxes are constructed from steel materials such as aluminum, iron, and brass. However, some spur gearboxes can be made with plastics such as polycarbonate or nylon.

I need to add a gearbox to a stepper motor that I have purchased from another company. How do I go about it?
Because motor manufacturer's specifications vary, the best way to select a gearbox for your stepper motor is to refer to Required Motor Data To Mount Gearboxes, to verify critical dimensions and optional features required. The link for this Data drawing is located on each gearbox page.

What types of Gearboxes are there ?
There are many types of gearboxes manufactured throughout the world. One of the main differences between individual gearboxes is their performance characteristics. Choosing from the various gearbox types is application dependent. Gearboxes are available in many sizes, ratios efficiencies and backlash characteristics. All of these design factors will affect the performance and cost of the gearbox. Th

What types of applications are bevel gears used in ?
Bevel gearboxes use bevel gears and are mainly used in right angle applications with the shafts in a perpendicular arrangement.Some examples are: Print Press, Power Plants, Automobiles, Steel Plants, Hand Drills and differential Drives.

What are helical gears ?
Helical gears are cut at angles which allow for gradual contact between each of the helical gear teeth.This type of innovation provides for a smooth and quiet operation. Gearboxes using helical gears are applicable in high horsepower and efficient applications.

What types of applications are helical gearboxes used in ?
Helical gears are widely used in applications which require efficiency and high horsepower.

What type of applications are spur gearboxes used in ?
Spur gears are used in applications requiring a decrease in speed with high output torque

What are the advantages of a spur gearbox ?
Advantages of spur gearboxes are that they are cost-effective, High Gear Ratios, Compact, and have high torque output.

what are the disadvantages of a spur gearbox ?
Disadvantages of Spur gearboxes is that they are noisy and are prone to wear.

What are the advantages of a Planetary Gearbox?
Planetary gearboxes offer high power density, large reduction in a small volume, pure torsional reactions, multiple kinematic combinations, and coaxial shafting.

What are the disadvantages of a Planetary Gearbox?
Some disadvantages of planetary gearboxes include: A need for constant lubrication, high bearing loads, inaccessibility, and complex design.

What type of Gearbox would I need for a high speed application?
Typically, a Helical gearbox could be used for high-speed applications. These gearboxes operate much more quietly and efficiently than gearboxes with straight cut gear teeth.

How should I select my gearbox?
There are several types of gearboxes manufactured world-wide. One of the major differences between individual gearboxes is their performance characteristics. Selecting from the various gearbox types, depends on your application. Gearboxes are available in many ratios, sizes, efficiency, and backlash characteristics. These design factors will affect the performance and cost of your gearbox. There are many types of gearboxes including: Bevel, Helical, Spur, Worm, and Planetary.

What industries are planetary gearboxes typically used in?
Planetary gearboxes can be used in a variety of industries. Some typical industries include: Aerospace, Agriculture, Automotive, Construction, Food Processing, Marine Industry, and Power Plants.

What are planetary gearboxes?
Planetary Gearboxes are high-precision, motion-control devices that create a substantial amount of torque for their size, have high torsional stiffness, and low backlash--this is what makes them suited for a wide-range of applications.

How do planetary gearboxes work?
A planetary gearbox takes a high-speed, low torque input from a motor, then reduces speed and increases torque at the output by the gear ratio.

Should I use grease or oil to lubricate my planetary gearbox?
Both oil and grease can effectively lubricate planetary gearboxes. However grease has the advantage of providing lubrication for the lifetime of the gearbox--eliminating a lot of maintenance. Grease allows mounting in any orientation and eliminates any concerns about leakage. Oil requires maintenance and re-lubrication over a period of time--usually once every few thousand hours. Orientation with oil lubrication can also be difficult and restricted. A common misconception is that oil-filled units always run at a cooler temperature than grease-lubricated gears. Whereas, the sealing required for an oil-filled gear head often generates more heat than the oil saves. It is important to take these notions into mind when deciding on a lubrication for your application.

What materials are used in Inline Planetary Gearboxes?
The materials in an inline planetary gearbox are usually steel, iron, aluminum, and brass. Unlike many other gearboxes, spur gearboxes will be made of plastics such as polycarbonate or nylon.

Are Planetary right angle gearboxes maintenance free?
Planetary right angle gearboxes are maintenance free due to being loaded at the factory with a lifetime supply of lubrication. This makes them never to run out of lubrication for the planet elements.

What torque ratings are available in right angle gearboxes?
There are 22 gear ratios available with right angle gearboxes. Ranging from 3:1 going up all the way to 512:1.

Do right angle gearboxes have good positioning accuracy?
Right angle gearboxes have high positioning accuracy due to its very low backlash. In one stage applications the backlash is 12-21 arcmin and in 2 stage the backlash is 16-25 arcmin. This extremely low backlash will give the gearbox a very high positioning accuracy.

What is the average weight of a right angle gearbox?
Motion Marketplace offers a variety of sizes for right angle gearboxes. Our gearboxes weigh between 1.12 - 35.3 lbs, depending on the size.

When would I need to use a right angle gearbox in my application?
Right angle gearboxes are frequently used in small space applications. If there is not enough room to connect an in-line gearbox to a motor, the use of a right angle gearbox will allow you to fit a much larger motor and gearbox into a system or application.

Do right angle gearboxes have low backlash?
Yes. Motion Marketplace offers a line of right angle gearboxes with backlash as low as 15 arc-min maximum.

What type of gears does a right angle gearbox usually contain?
Bevel and worm gearboxes are mainly utilized in right angle applications. They offer high efficiency with low gear ratios. A straight bevel gearbox with straight cut teeth are utilized in slow speed applications, whereas spiral bevel gearboxes with curved teeth are utilized in high performance, high speed applications. Worm gearboxes are also available with right angle configurations. They are able to sustain high shock loads, low in noise, maintenance-free but are less efficient than bevel gearboxes.

What are other names for Gearboxes?
Gearboxes may also be referred to as transmission or torque converters.

What are the advantages of planetary gearboxes?
The main advantages of planetary gearboxes are that they have high power density, are compact, have high efficiency in power transmission, greater stability, and good load distribution among planetary gears.

What are the type of gearboxes that are sold at Motion Marketplace?
Inline Planetary Gearboxes: Inline Standard Precision, Inline High Precision,Flange, Right Angle, and Rack & Pinion Gearboxes.

What size motors can be used on our Right-Angle Gearboxes?
Motors ranging from NEMA 17 to NEMA 42 can be used on our gearboxes.

How many stages do the Right-Angle Gearboxes have?
Our gearboxes have 1 to 3 stages.

Are the gearboxes on Stepper Gearmotors interchangeable?
Yes. They can be changed upon request when ordering.

For Flange gearboxes what if our system operates 24 hours a day?
If your system runs 24 hours a day and you are using our SunUs Flange gearboxes please contact us immediately.

What if I need a different ratio that is not listed for my Flange gearbox?
If you are in need of a ratio that is not listed on our website for our Flange gearboxes please contact us, we just might have it.

What are the available Flange gearbox sizes?
Our line of SunUs Flange Gearboxes rang in sizes from NEMA 210 to NEMA 360.

What stages are available for your Flange Gearboxes?
Just like our Right Angle gearboxes, we have 3 stages available for our Flange gearboxes as well.

How is the service life and maintenance on the Flange Gearboxes?
Our Flange gear boxes has long service life and easy maintenance. Best-chosen synthetic oil, lubricate and protect the components inside the gear box, oil-filled free.

What type of Lubricant is used for th Planetary Gearboxes ?
The Lubricant that is used for the Planetary Gearboxes is ISO VG220.